Reliable, Safe and Compliant with all T.S.S.A. Regulations

24 Hour 7 Day a Week Maintenance and Service

Realizing how important it is that your elevators be operational at all times, Selco Elevators can design a maintenance program suited for your individual building requirements.  Supporting maintenance in the GTA, Selco keeps it’s number of units per mechanic down to ensure quality maintenance is performed on a monthly basis.  We stock quality replacement parts for all type of elevators in both our warehouse and vehicles. Live dispatch is always available for daytime and after hour calls.

Maintenance and Call Tracker System

Maintenance and call tracker (MCT) is a program that Selco Elevator has developed to be able to track the number of calls in each building. As well as call tracking, Selco uses this to keep logs of all of the monthly maintenance, yearly maintenance and 5 year maintenance requirements. The MCT program is a useful tool to ensure that your elevators will continuely be reliable and safe.

A few of the Toronto companies we work with: