Improve your elevator’s reliability, appearance, performance and upgrade to the highest safety standards available today.

Selco will provide you with all of the detailed plans for the project including proposals, layouts, schedule and project management to ensure a seamless and professional experience for owners, property managers and tenants, alike. It all begins with designing what you need for your building. Our team will work with you to ensure that the elevators are best suited for your building applications.

Selco will provide a detailed schedule to ensure management and tenants are aware of the impact of the work and expected completion. Maintenance of effective communication has proven to be our best method of keeping the project on schedule and our customers happy.

We will take all of your elevators through to completion with the latest testing required by the regulating authorities, keeping detailed logs. The elevators will be adjusted to suit all of the building needs to maintain traffic flow. There will also be time set aside for the building management and maintenance team for operational adjustments.

All equipment is non-proprietary

Over 300 modernizations over the last 3 years