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Selco Elevators Ltd.is the largest union independent elevator installer in GTA. Selco has worked with all of the Major Consulting and Construction companies on various projects.  We are available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss more about our company’s capabilities and customer commitment.


Selco Elevators Ltd. are specialists in Commercial and Residential low to high-rise elevators, in either standard or custom designs. As technology and needs change, Selco Elevators pride themselves on leading the competition by offering new state-of-the-art options such as the Hydraulic Car Lift (HCL) and the Machine Roomless Elevator (MRL). They also offer a full range of products to upgrade your existing elevators such as new controls, machines, enhanced safety devices, door operators, fixtures and cab interior finishes.


For further information please contact: jim.parker@selco.ca



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